About Us

Bellwether Capital Limited was formed in 2019 to serve the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) sector in the UK. Our expertise is in businesses that need help to solve critical problems. We cover a lot of ground in the SME sector, and we offer a wide range of friendly and affordable services (link) to small business owners, helping them to realise their unfulfilled business dreams.

According to Merchant Savvy, more than 99% of all private sector businesses in the UK are classified as SMEs! SMEs are responsible for more than 60% of employment in the private sector, while adding enormous value to the overall UK economy in the process.

However, there exists very little help for small business owners when, for whatever reasons, their businesses start to struggle. Most consulting practices and other institutes only support large enterprises, leaving small businesses adrift. For example, it is impossible to find a Private Equity firm that helps small businesses, when a small business wants to perform M&A or sell up. These Private Equity firms are either not interested in SMEs or they are cost prohibitive.

Bellwether Capital Limited was formed to address the issues that small businesses face and fill the void! We specialise in SME only, so we know how to effectively communicate with small businesses, understand their problems and deliver optimum solutions.

We offer a wide range of services to our clients. We specialise in small business M&As. If you want to Sell Your Business With Us, then just give us a shout! You can count on our strategic business consulting service if your small business is struggling or needs improvement. We are even interested in taking a stake in your business (Joint Venture), potentially solving your most frustrating business problems in return.

Just contact us for a FREE and personally tailored initial consultation now!

About the founder

Prior to starting up Bellwether Capital Limited, our founder and CEO, Dilan Perera, has worked with a myriad of small and medium sized business owners. He has been a freelance business consultant for more than 5 years. In this time, he has built his practice on a foundation of strong ethical values, world-class strategy consulting, capital raising and deal making principles.

Before moving into Business Strategy practice, Dilan gained his MBA in 2014 from Warwick Business School. He also has a bachelor’s degree in Engineering.

Alongside his impressive academic qualifications and wide-ranging expertise in the small business arena, Dilan is friendly and approachable and happy to discuss whatever business issues you may have. Contact Dilan now!