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Sell Your Business With Us

Selling a business is not as straight forward as you think! If you want to sell your business, then you should first make sure that your business is ready for sale. It is virtually impossible to sell a business without getting the Due Diligence and Audit done. The buying party will not simply accept the past financial statements of the business without any assurance.

Another very important aspect when it comes to selling a business is the reliability of the business. How dependant is the business on its owner? Buyers won’t look at your business in a positive light if the business cannot operate in the future without its current owner. Unfortunately, most businesses are over reliant on their owners. Furthermore, buyers don’t like businesses that rely on just a few customers, employees and suppliers; as these kinds of businesses have inherent risks – and they fail easily. It is vital to remove any of these dependencies in order to get a higher valuation for your business. There are many other aspects that could improve the value of your business and we can help you to identify them, using our proven and systematic procedures.

Sometimes owners want to get out of businesses because it is too stressful managing them. If your business is broken, or not running as it should, and you need to get out of it sooner rather than later, then we can help you to do that too! We can find a suitable buyer and enable you to finally get rid of the headache that your business has become. If there are no buyers, then, it may also be possible for us to buy it! As an investment company in SME, we take great pride in salvaging struggling businesses and protecting peoples’ jobs. You just need to let us know your position!