Business Financing

Mergers & Acquisitions

If you want to enter a new market, then you have two alternatives.  The first option is starting up a new business from scratch and the second option is acquiring an existing business in that market.  The problem with new start-ups is the greater risk involved. According to Michael Gerber's book, The E-Myth, 96% of new businesses fail inside their first 10 years! Do you want to be the next start-up failure? Even if you managed to make the start-up a success, you won’t be creating large profits during its early years. Acquisitions are the best option if you want to get into an existing market with zero knowledge and immediately turn over a profit!

The same could be said about launching new products/services or capturing new customers. New customers are few and far between. It is also very difficult to capture a new customer who is already loyal to their current suppliers. This is where mergers come in very handy. Through mergers you can increase your revenues and profits overnight! Your merged business is also worth much more! If your small company was worth 2 or 3 times its annual profits then, the more profitable merged company, would be worth 5 or 6 times its annual profit! Simply put, you could merge your current business with another acquired business and sell it immediately, potentially pocketing millions… How cool is that? 

At Bellwether Capital, we have effected many merger and acquisition deals of this nature. You can leave it to us to do all the research in finding the ideal business for you to acquire or merge. Once we find the ideal target that matches your business profile, then we can help you to get the deal done and dusted. In some cases, the deal may be structured in such a way that you or your business doesn’t need to put down any cash upfront in order to buy the target business! Can't wait? Just give us a shout now!