Mergers & Acquisitions

There are two main ways of growing an existing business. The first method is ‘Organic Growth’ or growing the business internally. The second method is ‘Inorganic Growth’ or growing the business by merging it with another business that has been acquired externally.

Numerous case studies outline the difficulty of growing a business purely by organic means! Mergers & Acquisitions can expand both the horizontal and vertical scales of a business rapidly, by accumulating new products, services, customers, suppliers, competences, and geographic locations.

Sell Your Business With Us

It doesn’t matter how many millions your business is currently worth. What really matters is how you are going to secure that value by selling it? The biggest question of all is: When should I sell it? This year? Or maybe next year when the business is worth more?

The best time to Sell Your Business With Us is right now! What’s the guarantee that next year would be as rosy as this year? Will your biggest customer let you know in advance before they go bust? OK, let’s say you want to sell it soon. Is your business ready for sale right now? Intriguing questions, aren’t they?

Business Financing

Capital can be obtained from many different places! Conventional sources are: equity investments, commercial debt or a mixture of the two. However, the advent of the information age has opened the doors to innovative capital sources for small businesses. These sources can be found in such areas as, Crowdfunding, Angel investments, Venture capital etc.

We can guide you through all the various options that are available to you and secure much needed finance for you and your business, regardless of your capital requirements. However, for us to determine the most effective source of funds for you, we need to thoroughly analyse the current state of your business. 

Strategic Consulting

Most businesses struggle because they don't keep an eye on the things that they should be constantly monitoring. Instead, they misplace their efforts by monitoring indicators that they believe are important but are actually irrelevant.

This is where the involvement of an expert advisor becomes critical! A thorough analysis, performed by a professional with extensive experience, could reveal valuable insights that can put a troubled business back on the right track. Unfortunately, many small businesses only arrive at this point when it is too late...