Business Financing

Strategic Consulting

Based on our experience there are two main types of businesses that exist out there. The first are the healthy businesses that are performing profitably. The second are the unhealthy or ‘stressed’ businesses that are struggling for their very existence. We can help both these types of businesses to thrive.

In the case of profitable businesses, it's all about improving the profitability. A business that is currently profitable doesn’t mean that it has fully achieved its potential. There could be unfulfilled possibilities that haven’t yet been harnessed. Our thorough and focused analysis will identify every inch of potential and any possible improvements that may be lying dormant or undiscovered in your business. Then, we recommend actions that may propel your business to an entirely new level. We can even help you implement these recommendations!

If the business is ‘stressed’ and struggling for survival, then we can lend you a hand with our business turnaround expertise. Most companies struggle not because they are unprofitable, but because of cash flow issues. By fixing cash flow issues, struggling companies could be assured of survival and placed firmly on the road to being a thriving and profitable enterprise.

We are experts at handling situations such as CVAs (Creditor Voluntary Agreements) where the ‘stressed’ business can ‘buy’ some valuable time to turn it around. We have helped many business owners get out of PGs (Personal Guarantees) so that, among other positive outcomes, they can simply get a good night's sleep! You just need to speak to the experts.